 The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Creative Arts has been realigned through Executive Instrument (E.I. 2013) to provide a firm, stable policy environment for effective mainstreaming of Ghanaian culture into all aspects of national life and to ensure the strong emergence of a vibrant creative economy to improve and advance the tourism industry.

 The Ministry is to facilitate the interface between government, implementing bodies in tourism, culture and the creative industries as well as international and civil society partners





 To develop sustainable tourism pivoted on Ghanaian culture and creative arts as a key driver to accelerated national development





• The Ministry exists to create a conducive environment for sustainable growth and development of the sector to enable it contribute enormously to GDP through effective and efficient use of appropriate policies, plans, programmes and projects. It is also to develop and sustain public–private-partnership with the Diaspora for resource mobilization and investment.



Policy Objectives


1. Diversify and expand the tourism industry for accelerated job creation

2. Intensify the promotion of domestic tourism

3. Promote sustainable tourism to preserve historical, cultural and natural heritage

4. Develop a competitive creative arts industry

5. Harness culture for national development





1. Formulation of policy, planning and programming for the development and promotion of domestic, regional and international Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts;

2. Promulgation of legislation and regulations on Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts development, including investment policies and incentives;

3. Conducting research into regional and global trends in Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts;

4. Development of the human resource within the private and public sectors to effectively promote Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts;

5. Co-ordination and collaboration with other Government Agencies, Development Partners, the Private Sector and Non-Governmental organisations on matters concerning Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts;

6. Development of policies and programmes to link up with Africans including Ghanaians in the Diaspora for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts and investment promotion for the country;

7. Monitoring and Evaluation of sector‟s performance.


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