‘Oxford Street International Fair’

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Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts in partnership with Streetfairsinternational and Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) is organising a two day international fair under the theme; ‘Oxford Street International fair’  on Dec. 20 – 21, 2014 at Osu Oxford Street, Accra.


The event, which seeks to promote made in Ghana goods and assembles over 300 businesses, is expected to host corporate businesses dealing in souvenirs, artworks and artefacts, clothing and accessories, electronics, cosmetics, automobiles, fashion, home décor, foods and drinks and published educational materials, among other items.


Choosing the Oxford Street as the venue for the event of this event is borne out of the need to add more flavours to an already glowing and busy trade environment beaming with assorted foods, drinks, locally produced clothing materials christened as tie and dye and all manner of goods.




The event’s ultimate goals among other things include:

  • Creating conducive marketing atmosphere for sellers and buyers alike to meet their aspirations and also to ensure optimal maximisation of mutual satisfaction.
  • Enhancing the patronage of made in Ghana goods
  • Providing a platform for networking and building enterprise relationships
  • Enhancing the taste and appetite of Ghanaians to become avid consumers of their locally made goods, more especially deliciously rich Ghanaian dishes.
  • Providing opportunity for entrepreneurship since there is available market for made in Ghana products.
  • Promoting unity in diversity since all Ghanaians irrespective of the differences in tribes and cultures will be brought together under one umbrella for merry making and realisation.



 Acknowledgement of Sponsors


The following institutions, companies and / or organisations have supported the event:

  • IPMC
  • West Africa Tyre services (Subsidiary of Rana Group of Companies)
  • Bel-Aqua
  • Topp Core
  • Starbow
  • Additionally, some corporate institutions which are participating in the celebration of the event include:
  • TechnoServe
  • Blueskies
  • UB Comestics
  • Wienco Agriculture
  • Sanita Consumer Products
  • Lara Mart Super Market
  • Alive  and Kicking
  • Frankies, Osu
  • Telefonika
  • Indomie


 The event, which is held bi-annually and comes with pomp and pageantry, will re-enact the Ghanaian cultural values and virtues for nation building and economic development with benefits that will inure to Ghanaians and the development of our motherland, Ghana.


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