DP Min12The Deputy Minister for Tourism and Creative Arts Hon. Dzifa Gomashie Abla, has challenged institutions such as hotels and Catering and tourism centres operating in Ghana to maximize the usage of locally grown foods when preparing their dishes.

This, she said, would help attract more tourists and also help strengthen the hospitality industry and consequently generate income for the country.

The Minister made this remark during the launching of a book entitled: ‘Modern Yam Recipes’ in Accra.

She said, when the idea is well embraced, it would also entice Ghanaians to develop positive characters towards the consumption of locally grown foods as well. Adding that, the “Modern Yam Recipe” book has been launched at the right time since it will go a long way to help the cookery industries and other institutions to realize the relevant and the nutritional value of yam.

She has therefore called on researchers and relevant stakeholders to endeavour to come out with a research on yam preservation and its processing in order to avoid its wastage in the country.

According to the author of the book, Dorothy -Dee Ann Woode, Chef Director at the African International Culinary Education -AIC Education, yam is a good source of Vitamin B6 which has been shown to reduce risk of heart diseases. “It is also high in potassium which helps to control blood pressure.”

“Yam has a low starch content compared to potatoes and cassava. It is also rich in protein and fibre. Its complex carbohydrates slows the rate at which sugar is released into the blood stream and its good source of manganese helps in carbohydrates metabolism so it fills you up without increasing the waistline,” she explained.

She said there are numerous benefits or products that could be derived from yam if twisted or when one adds a little value to it.

However, she said the 60 page Yam Cook book is developed to provide recipes and helpful hints on how to prepare the versatile root crop. She said it has been written to appeal to tourists who want to take a piece of Ghana back home, stimulate the imagination of students and food enthusiasts both in Africa and globally.



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